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The Family Justice Journal (FJJ) is a free, online, peer-reviewed journal that reaches thousands of readers.  Its purpose is to disrupt and replace traditional thinking in child welfare and end the harm it perpetuates.  FJJ is governed by an advisory board composed primarily of individuals with lived expertise and is committed to setting a new standard of inclusion for peer-reviewed journals.  To accomplish this goal, the journal redefines:

  • Peer to include a diverse array of perspectives, especially individuals who have been directly impacted by the child welfare system; 


  • Evidence to take account of human experiences, cultural practices, testimony and stories, not research alone; and

  • Expertise to consist of lived experience and cultural and community wisdom, as well as academic or professional qualification.


The FJJ amplifies the voices of families and individuals that have been impacted by the child welfare system by publishing columns, articles, and artistic expressions from people with lived experience. At least two issues will be published annually (Summer & Fall) with occasional special issues anticipated. We are grateful for our contributors.  If you are interested in making a submission or becoming a peer reviewer, please contact

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